The first tournament complexes of Asia CrossFit Championship 2019 have been published

Shortly before the start of the upcoming Asian crossfit Championship, the organizers of the event decided to finally publish a series of contest tasks that contestants will have to overcome both in the single division and in the crossfit team segment. We invite you to read this information in more detail.

Initial presentation of the first tournament team challenge

The organizers of the crossfit Championship in 2019 thought for a long time about what could be invented as a tournament tasks for teams, and finally, a few weeks before the start of the event, they were ready to publish their decision. For the teams in 2019, pair tasks were prepared in the first complex (man/woman pair) – six circular rounds, which would include the following physical exercises:

  • The first couple will run the 200m.
  • The second pair would be busy holding the worm at the same time.
  • When the bettors complete their tasks, they would switch places.

All four people, after completing their tasks, would be busy taking the projectile (10 times), the weight of which is almost 165 kg.
There is also a time limit – 22 minutes 30 seconds for the entire tournament complex. The organizers suggested that all applicants get acquainted with the standards and codes of rules that were sent to everyone after the announcement of the start of classification training.

The individual tournament complex for 2019 has also been revealed

Since the Asian Championship is held in two segments – individual and team, a set of exercises was also carefully developed and prepared for single participants. In truth, the single players had a slightly easier time than the team players. But the organizers explain this by the fact that independent contestants have no one else to rely on except their own strengths.
The main goal of individual athletes in the starting open tournament complex might be to complete four levels at once for a while. Two rounds are devoted to running at a distance of 400 meters, and the second two rounds are dedicated to taking a sandbag (10 approaches), the weight of which is 45 and 68 kg (for the first and second rounds, respectively).
For individual contestants, a time limit is also set, which is 15 minutes. They also need to familiarize themselves with the rules and standards of the Championship in the same way as the crews.

Key information about the upcoming Asian Championship

In 2019, the CrossFit Championship was announced in Shanghai at the end of April. It was in the same 2019 that the Tournament was awarded the title of an officially sanctioned CrossFit Games event. The victorians of this Championship from 2019 get the opportunity to take part in the CrossFit Games. It is for this reason that the Asian CrossFit Championship is considered to be a very popular and prestigious event in the field of crossfit.


Online qualification to be an important step in the Asian CrossFit Championship

A sport like crossfit is especially popular in Asia, and especially in China. Shanghai was awarded the right to host the CrossFit Championship on its territory. Many sportsmen immediately became interested in an event of this magnitude. The most interesting question of all future participants was what needs to be done in order to be awarded the right to participate in the CrossFit Tournament.

Online qualification as a core element of eligibility

Asia is considered a very promising market for the development of the sport industry. It was China that was chosen as the venue for the CrossFit Asian Championship in order to develop and increase the interest of Asian peoples in this sport. Future athletes were initially given requirements for participation so that they could reasonably assess their strengths and capabilities. The organizers of the contests announced that every athlete who wants to take part in the CrossFit Championship needs to get a certification level, the winners and prize-winners of which will receive the desired ticket to the world of professional sport.

What is this qualification and why is it needed?

As we have already said, such a level of proficiency is the main and mandatory condition for athletes to participate in the CrossFit Championship. The organizers announced that two divisions will be available in such qualification – individual division and team division. After registering for such an online qualification and passing it, the winners and prize-winners of the TOPs will have the opportunity to compete in the CrossFit Championship.

Individual and team qualification division

The organizers stated that athletes have the opportunity to register simultaneously in both individual and team groups. The group must consist of four people – two male athletes and two women. Individual and team classification implies the same online workouts, but the important point is that before the start of these workouts, the athlete needs to decide in which segment he will compete. This applies to the final competition where one person can only compete in one selected division.

Key details of participation

According to the rules, one sportsman can only participate in one selected division – either in the individual or in the team. A person can compete either alone or in a group of 4 people. If initially an athlete was registered in both divisions, in the end he must make a choice in favor of one of the options. If the athlete makes a choice in favor of the individual format, then, accordingly, he leaves the team. The team remains 3 of the 4 right people. In such a situation, the failed group may submit a request to the organizers of the CrossFit Championship for a possible replacement of one person. The organizers may approve such a request, but a substitution can only be made for a sportsman who has not registered in the individual format.