Conditions for survival of the Asian Championships in CrossFit in the light of coronavirus circumstances

A sport like crossfit has long won the hearts of millions of fans around the world. Asia is the most promising market at the moment. It was Asia that was chosen as a strategic object for organizing the Asian CrossFit Championship. But what a disappointment awaited athletes and fans in 2020, when the dates of the Championship shifted due to coronavirus quarantine restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

The impact of coronavirus on the sports industry in general

It is worth mentioning that the pandemic had a direct impact not only on traditional cafes and restaurants, but also on the sports industry, and in particular on the CrossFit segment. Many CrossFit gyms have been closed for extended periods due to lockdowns, and after such shocks have experienced a long recovery period. Many new solutions and technologies have been invented due to such circumstances. CrossFit is the first to face the phenomenon of virtual workouts and classifications. After the resumption of the work of crossfit halls, training was carried out in conditions of maintaining a social distance between athletes. I had to get used to the circumstances.

The organizers of the Asian CrossFit Championship (ACC) announced a forced postponement

In 2020, as usual, the Asian Championship was scheduled to be held in the first half of May. However, it was in the spring months that the most stringent and strict quarantine restrictions fell due to an unknown virus. Thus, the organizers of the ACC were forced to think about what to do with the competition. Then it was decided to postpone the tournament until later. These dates were chosen July 3, 4 and 5, 2020.
Moreover, the venue of the Championship was originally chosen in China, Shanghai. And the situation in China in the spring of 2020 was much more dangerous than in the rest of the world. The decision to transfer was impossible not to accept.
The ACC organizers informed all participating athletes in writing about such a postponement, sending a message that they sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and change of plans, but these are forced measures and cannot do otherwise.
Every effort was made in the spring and early summer to ensure that the ACC could be held safely on the new dates.

The next year was easier for the CrossFit Asian Championship

Fortunately for the organizers, fans and athletes, the 2021 competitions were not subject to any postponements and date shifts. For a year and a half of the coronavirus pandemic, the world has learned to take control of the situation with the virus in small steps. Because of this, 2021 has been a calmer and more predictable year in terms of planning full-scale international events. Athletes participating were more than satisfied with the timely conduct of the event, because discipline and plans for the future are very important in sports.

The first tournament complexes of Asia CrossFit Championship 2019 have been published