Key features of the incredible global success of the CrossFit Asian Championships

The wide variety of workouts available at the moment greatly amazes even experienced athletes. Recently, CrossFit has been considered a particularly popular sport, as it has brought a new and fresh variety to the world of boring workouts. And a few years ago, a decision was made to sanction an international competition in Asia, which was called the Asian Championship.

What is the essence of the sport of CrossFit?

It is generally accepted that CrossFit is something like circuit training, to put it simply. If you delve into the essence of the issue, then it is worth noting that this sport is a set of functional exercises that are performed in turn among themselves and are characterized by a very high intensity. Moreover, all these physical exercises combine the best elements of different sports, such as gymnastics, rowing, athletics and even running. Some call it the “philosophy of the movement of life.” Short deadlines and maximum work – this is the slogan of such a sport. We have already said that exercises are characterized by strong intensity, which is the main indicator of the effectiveness of training. Looking at all this description, it becomes clear why CrossFit has managed to confidently gain a solid place for itself in the entire sports industry.

Reasons why CrossFit is growing in popularity in Asia

We want you to immediately show an approximate picture in order to form the correct opinion. In 2006, there were only 15 CrossFit gyms worldwide. As of 2020, there are already more than 15 thousand such halls, which are located in more than 140 countries of the world on different continents, with almost 35% of such halls now located in Asian countries. Here it becomes interesting, why did it gain such a strong popularity so sharply?

The initial factor in the growth of interest in CrossFit was the broadcast of this sport on television. People in Asia, when they saw such programs, were intrigued by the novelty and could not take their eyes off and switch. So they began to sink into this atmosphere. Moreover, it is a sport that simultaneously trains a person’s personality along with the physical condition. It was something fresh in the sports industry and got attention.

One of the most popular reasons for the growth of interest in crossfit was that such training significantly saved the time of residents of Asian countries, who are always in a hurry somewhere and do not have time. An intense circuit workout lasts less than an hour, while a full workout in the gym can take up to two hours.
All these factors have developed in favor of this sport, and now we have a very developed sport that is developing more and more intensively every day.

The Asia Championship and presentation of features of its hosting

The Asia Championship (ACC) is an international crossfit tournament. Its second name is the China Invitational. This kind of event is hosted in Shanghai, and also an interesting fact is that it was sanctioned quite recently. The organizing group decided that China needs to host such a large-scale event in Asia, for the motivation of greater enthusiasm for the Asian people. Functional fitness proved to be such an exciting spectacle that the Asian Championship reached incredible proportions in a very short time. The tournament is held for three days in Shanghai and gathers athletes from many countries and many continents to its arsenal to prove that they are worthy of the champion title.

Key Required Classifications The Asia CrossFit Championship

In order for athletes to fully participate in The Asia Championship, each of them must first take part in four important classifications. It is on the passage of four of these that the athlete will receive the so-called ticket to participate in the ACC.
It must be remembered that each of the athletes can register in a team of either four people, or perform separately in an individual segment. Training is regularly hosted for both segments. The team of classification coaches themselves is made up of two male and one female professional athletes.

Unfortunately, there is a rule that before the start of the classification division, the athlete must decide in which segment he will compete and accept the invitation to training in advance.
When one athlete from a formed team leaves for an individual race, the Championship organizers may allow such a participant to be replaced in the team by another athlete, provided that such another is not represented in any other team.
The most important condition is that only the winner and prize-winners of the TOP ratings will be awarded the right to take part in the Asian CrossFit Championship. Among such winners must be both men and women.

CrossFit Asia continues to gain momentum

The Asia region was not chosen by chance, it is a very strategic territory. Asian countries are very excited to serve as partners of the European and American CrossFit industry. In Asia, the first crossfit gym was opened back in 2008, and then it was impossible to even imagine what such a first opening would turn out to be. Now Asian countries, especially China, are considered a thriving offshoot of CrossFit in the Eastern world. Longevity is deeply rooted in Asian values, namely CrossFit is the key to longevity, because a strong emphasis is placed not only on the intensity of physical training, but also on the strict adherence to the sequence, technique and mechanics of exercises. Moreover, now Asian countries are ready to present for the Asian Championship not just ordinary coaches with a simple classification, but a group of experienced and talented coaches who are ready to further promote the ideas of crossfit among the masses of the people.